Is this you?

  • You want to feel better. You are struggling with your health. Or maybe your life feels stale, stuck, or needing some shift.
  • You wish you felt more vital. You want a connection to Love that would free you to live a courageous and hopeful life.
  • You are longing to be listened to deeply, to have your body, mind, and spirit acknowledged as one. You are looking to address the root causes of your challenges as well as the symptoms.

I greet you with love and tenderness. It can be so frustrating, draining, and confusing to feel like your health is not where you want it to be. Stepping forward to ask for support can feel really vulnerable. I offer healing sessions using the power of unconditional love in a way that is gentle, non-judgmental, and even joyful.

With love,

Emily Jarrett Hughes

After this session my headache dropped from a pain level of approximately seven or eight to a three or four. My neck which was very warm with pain when I arrived was now cold and pain free. I felt this very overwhelming sense of peace, calm, pleasantness, relief and very well grounded. It was a wonderful feeling I had never experienced before. – Greg

When [I had a healing session with Emily as] I was recovering from my gall bladder removal surgery, I could feel a course of energy through me and surrounding me which freed up the grief and trauma that my body was experiencing and allowed me to have a deep sense of compassion with my body for what it was recovering from.  This was followed by a sense of being held in love and safety, which was perhaps the greatest gift in the midst of an emotionally pretty dark time for me. – Kathryn

Healing with Qigong

Click here to learn about the Healing Waters Qigong practice group.

My techniques are rooted in Spring Forest Qigong. Here is a brief introduction of qigong and why it works.

Qigong (pronounced “chee gong”) is a way of working (gong) with the energy of life (qi).

Everything is energy. Albert Einstein is famous for his elegant formula e=mc2, which describes how any matter has an energy equivalent. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed.

Life thrives when energy is balanced and flowing smoothly. The image of yin and yang symbolizes life and energy in creative harmony. There is no such thing as “good” energy or “bad” energy – only energy that is in or out of balance. A flood or drought is a symptom of an energy imbalance. Our aches and pains or illnesses are also energy imbalances.

Qigong is a practice that can help you learn how to work with this life energy for your own health and to help others.

I first came to qigong when I had cancer and wanted a healer to help me address the spiritual dimension of my healing. I stuck with qigong because it helps reduce stress and makes me feel better. I became convinced of its power when, with the help of doctors, community and the universe, I experienced a miraculous recovery. I fell in love with qigong because of the ever expanding joy I experience as I have more energy to enjoy life and more love and connection with others, the earth, and the oneness.

Qigong is compatible with conventional medicine and does not require any specific religious beliefs. In my experience, qigong is a complementary therapy in the best sense; I felt it helped my doctors’ treatments work even better. Qigong has also given me insights that have strengthened my other spiritual practices.

You can learn how to work with the energy of life through your own qigong practice including:

  • Slow meditative movements, similar to Tai Chi.
  • Chanting
  • Meditation

I can connect you with books, DVDs, CDs and practice groups to help you start your own practice.

I am here to offer you healing guidance and support.

Healing sessions can help heal aches, pains, illness, or emotions that you would like to change. I invite you to be willing to be surprised by how much healing is possible.


Qi gong healing sessions (50 minutes)
Get help working with your body on the energetic level so can start feeling better physically and emotionally. During a session you are seated in a chair. I begin each session with roughly 15 minutes of coaching, including suggestions for ways you can support your own healing. The healing begins with a guided meditation that prepares you to receive healing love. This is an opportunity for you to relax and be deeply held in love. During the healing I help bring energy into balance by directing it with my hands without touch.

Coaching sessions (30 minutes)
Get some extra support for transforming something you are stuck or struggling with in your life. While some coaching is part of every session, sometimes you might need more conversation to understand how to work with the energy of a particular challenge and to create a healing plan for yourself.

Distance healings (50 minutes)
Qigong healings, because they are energetic, work no matter the distance between yourself and the healer. Distance healings occur over the phone. You receive coaching, and a guided meditation with your healing just as you would in an in person session.

Healing Waters Qigong practice group (1 hour)
This ongoing practice group can help you develop your own qigong practice. Every class includes a brief lesson, gentle exercises, a guided meditation, time for your questions, and a group healing. This group’s name, Healing Waters honors the lake’s healing presence. In each session we will include a blessing for Lake Hiawatha. Suggested donation, $5. Learn more.

Rates: Healing services are offered on a sliding scale of $40-$70 per session(50 min). I am open to working out a fee arrangement that makes it possible for you to receive the frequency of healing support that will give you the most benefit.

Location: South Minneapolis, call for details.

To schedule an appointment call 612-314-5413 or email at emily @

When I arrived to my first session with Emily, I was experiencing discomfort in my pelvis and hips (7 out of 10 on the pain scale). The meditation itself brought profound visions of being surrounded and supported by my guides. Along with their nourishment came healing waters to cleanse my body and the earth itself. The journey continued, leaving me awestruck, humbled, and pain free by the end. – Teresa

My qi gong sessions with Emily help to balance me physically and mentally, leaving me in a state of clarity and ease that helps me accomplish more with my days. Her work is sympathetic, intuitive, and joyful as her. Having tried lots of different therapies to deal with shoulder and back issues, I feel like this could be a breakthrough! – Greg

Qigong has helped me heal, too

I have been studying Spring Forest Qigong since 2006. My natural curiosity about the energy in all things and the sacred nature of life had raised my curiosity about Spring Forest Qigong years earlier. But I didn’t pursue it at first because I felt an amorphous mix of fear, vulnerability, and stubbornness. Then when I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma I allowed myself to go. The healings and meditation practice helped me feel better and I went into remission. Three years later I had a recurrence of cancer. This time I had a breakthrough experience that opened up a profound healing of both body and spirit. I have been in remission since 2009. My life is now dedicated to serving this healing life energy. I believe we all have the ability to tap into this limitless source of love and heal ourselves.

Your life is precious to you.

May you choose what you need to bring you the most healing and love into your life. I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to support people like you with healing.

If you have questions about me or this healing path, please feel free to ask them at any time. There are no stupid questions. To reach me you can email emily @, call 612-314-5413 or fill out the form below. Fifteen minute consultations are offered at no cost.