You too can move your spirit from feeling frozen and drained into creativity, joy, and freedom. There are many places to begin, and opportunities for deepening within all of them. I lead groups and work one-on-one. Enter through the doorway that feels the most comfortable to you. Not sure where to start? Contact me for a conversation.

The Sacred Art of Living

Dancing-Around-the-Fire-200pxReflecting your beauty and truth with your whole being

We can only get so far when we simply think our way through whatever is challenging us. When we bring in our creativity and whole body-mind-spirit, we enter a world of possibility. I work with groups and individuals in many different settings; for a variety of ages and abilities. Workshop topics span from embodied spirituality to healing through the arts to celebrating community through dance. Check out what’s coming up.

Wisdom Dances Circle

arms-raise-in-circle-150-thumbnailAn ancient path to joy, passion and spirit

Aliveness, happiness, excitement, joy – put together, this is what the Greeks call kefi. Opa! When we are full of kefi, we love life no matter what is happening around us. We all need a full storehouse of vitality to carry us through our days. Fill yourself up by joining this dancing circle. No experience necessary and newcomers always welcome.

Healing Support

chrysalisesIn person and distance one-on-one healing and coaching

Healing sessions can help heal aches, pains, illness, or emotions that you would like to change. I invite you to be willing to be surprised by how much healing is possible. I love helping people through transformation, from getting launched to sustaining change.

Healing sessions incorporate qigong… as well as dance in a way that can help .   Get testimonials for dance as healing.

Healing Waters Qigong Practice Group

Recharge and restore next to beautiful Lake Hiawatha

Would you like to feel more energetic and less stressed? Ever tried to quiet your mind and just feel it get louder instead? Speaking of loud, is some part of your body screaming at you for some care and attention? Give your mind and body the support of a community and learn the healing, gentle movements and meditations of qigong. No experience necessary and newcomers always welcome.

Living Wisdom

Sharing-bread-400-px-sqJoyful dance performance, workshops and ritual

How can we praise this beautiful world? Dance! How can we strengthen the vitality of community and the earth? Dance! How do we strengthen our connection to the sacred and bless the world? Dance! Living Wisdom connects people, communities, and the natural world by sharing dance traditions from the Balkans and Asia Minor. Learn more about joining Living Wisdom or hiring Living Wisdom for your event.

Embodied Leadership

embodied-leadership-thumbnail-at-riverIntegrating the wisdom of the body into conferences and events

There are many important conversations rising in many places in our community about the flow of life and what it means for our faith, health, ecosystem and lives. How many of these conversations are with only our minds, while sitting still, inside? I enhance the depth and wisdom of these events by engaging the body, heart, and spirit of everyone present.

Retreats & Seasonal Celebrations

ritual-bread-thumbnailCelebrate and cultivate the blessings each season has to offer your life. These events help you strengthen the vibrancy of the cycle of life within and around you.